Founder and International Representative, DH Austin, from Nashville, TN, met several pastors working with the Kenya orphans.  He was amazed at the Pastors commitment to the under privileged children and the overwhelming need. There is no Government help in providing food and direct assistance. Austin visited Kenya to see the drastic situation first hand, observing the poverty and plight of the children and their desperate need for support. Children's Rescue was born to support the children and help the local work in establishing a more sustainable way in feeding the children. With our assistance and purchasing ability, we can overcome the problems the  drought has brought. This would eliminate the pastors having to beg for donations to feed the children, as many children had been having one meal a day.

Children's Rescue is a faith based non-profit that presently is supporting three locations; Kenya, Uganda and Haiti. We are providing the basic needs of food, shelter, education and clothing. In addition, we support a midwife clinic that helps women in desperate need. If your group, organization, or church wants to support/sponsor an orphanage or feeding center, we can make you a partner in this much needed love of the Children's Rescue Project. The important ground work has already been laid pertaining  to an ongoing Operations Facility, Key Management, trained workers and staff. Plus, all  the necessary equipment and Knowledge to bring this venture into a living reality, but most important are the children which are the real life of the orphanages and feeding centers