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International Representative
DH Austin

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Mailing Address
PO Box 160089
Nashville, TN
37216   USA

DH Austin is the President and Founder of Children's Rescue shown here with  2 Kenyan children. Originally from northern Virginia, he's been a resident of Nashville, TN for 50 years. He has been active in Real Estate and business development. As a world traveler, he recognizes the needs of the Kenyan children and is happy to be working to help them.  

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Pastor, Director of 
Great Hope Orphanage

Evans Oluoch

Pastor Evans was born and raised in Kibra, one of the largest slums of Nairobi and home to over a million people. Evans is a self made man, speaks three languages and a respected community leader. Initial founder of Good Hope Orphanages and Feeding Center, he now works with the underprivileged children in Soweto Stum in Nairobi, Kenya.



Director Merry Land Center
Millicent Oriyo

Millicent Oriyo  is responsible for daily feedings of 400 needy
children in the Soweto slums. With the long drought in
the area, the number of needy children has greatly increased.


Midwife, In Home Clinic
Lusia (Lucy) Atieno

Lusia Atieno is a woman of mercy.  A dedicated midwife who
delivers 3-5 babies each week in the Soweto slums for women who cannot 
afford conventional treatment. She is in desperate need of sanitary supplies
that we can provide for her, but need your help.


Board of Directors

Steve Gregory
Louisa Terri
DH Austin
Pastor Japhath Nunuvi

Business development and mission supporting orphanage, feeding centers and linking benevolent programs abroad to help them survive.