The Need of a Child is 
   to Always Have Hope 

The need is great, a child with no parents needs someone who cares in their life. Most of thes
e Kenyan and other African children were abandoned by their fathers before birth. The mothers are often hard pressed in making a living and will eventually turn the child over to an orphanage, or send them to a children's center on a daily basis to eat and attend school.

The support of these children and centers comes strictly from the caring and donations of people realizing the need and doing something to help. The centers never know how much money is available to meet their budget and when it will arrive to buy food, pay rent, staff and general operating expenses. Often teachers go unpaid for months, bills accumulate, as any money that does arrive goes first to food. With no government support and sporadic donations the centers operate in the negative, and as a result often one meal a day is the best that can be provided. 

Many meals consist of boiled cabbage and cooked corn meal, hardly a nutritious food source for growing children. I have personally spent thousands buying needed food, but my well is only so deep and the need grows bigger with the ongoing drought. My objective is to come up with associated partners that see the need and want to get involved. My perspective is to help the Local Home missionary who stands behind and works with the children and young adults in helpful guiding, then out of poverty to a better live.




We have a way that donations can be a one time gift or monthly on a recurring via secure online bank card. You will be sent a receipt for year end accounting for your tax deductions.

The Additional Info. button will take you to our other site,, providing additional information to directly donate to the centers the necessary operating  funds to purchase wholesome food and provide necessary  services  to the underprivileged children.

Make this a project for your family, group, association and church, as all the the understructure is in place with at home committed workers dedicated to the success for the benefit of these children. Helping the poor is a wealthy endeavor as "giving to the poor is as lending to God" and he repays in many ways, plus interest. If you would like to visit, volunteer, or have any questions, please contact us.

DH Austin